27 June 2006

Swimming Lessons!

Yesterday, we started swim lessons with the Mighty Hudson Boyos. I was totally unprepared for the lump in my throat when a total stranger read their names out on the roll call to get them paired up with their teachers. I mean, when choosing their names, we had thought about "sounds equally good on a stadium loudspeaker and a book jacket", but I was a little unprepared for actually hearing them over a microphone. It was really, really good. Here's Rowan, in his class. Because he's bigger, he was in on his own, although the camera angle on this shot lets you know precisely how far away Jason actually ever got: Apparently, he shined. Did everything a little bit above and beyond, and was inconsolable when class was over, until we explained that we'd be coming back every day for four weeks. That seemed to help. =) Kestrel, because he's littler, was in a parent/tot class. As we bounced into the water, the instructor supervisor remarked "now that's the look we like to see!" as Kestrel giggled like a mad thing. The only bummer was that Kes got way too cold about half way through the half hour class, and we had to get out. Today, I'll be ransacking the storage bins for the rash guards, in the hopes we can stick it out a bit longer.


At 6/27/2006 09:36:00 AM, Blogger SFWriter13 said...

Oh, this brings back such memories! I can once again feel the sun and smell the water from when we did this as father and son. Thank you for sharing and letting me relive those moments.


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