12 May 2006

Letter To Laura (Bush)

Got this in my inbox, from Codepink:

On Mother's Day weekend, May 13-14, we will bring 3,000 roses to grieving mothers of wounded soldiers who have little to celebrate this Mother’s Day. This central part of our 24-hour vigil honors the mothers and other women who have paid the greatest price for this administration’s senseless war on Iraq. Our partners at Working for Change, the activist arm of Working Assets Funding Service, has helped us raise the money for this action, helping us send a strong message to the occupants of the White House and the country: Mothers Say NO to war.

We have received thousands of letters from you to Laura asking her to tell Bush end the war in Iraq. Now we've been invited by Working for Change to join their Mother's Day action and send her another letter: this time not to invade Iran. Please join Working for Change and send a letter to the First Lady to urge her not to let her husband start another catastrophic, costly war in Iran.

President Bush was unwilling to listen to intelligence specialists, who told him that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. He was unwilling to listen to military specialists, who told him that he would need a much larger force to occupy Iraq and prevent civil war. If he won't listen to his advisers, let's see if he will listen to his wife.

This Mother's Day, President Bush and his wife Laura will take joy in their daughters. But for thousands of mothers across America, past years' joy will now be replaced by unspeakable grief. They will usher in this Mother's Day not as a celebration of motherhood, but as one more painful reminder of an irreparable loss.

Now, the President is rattling his saber at Iran. Despite the fact that top experts say that Iran is at least ten years away from a working nuclear weapon, recent news reports have indicated that the Bush Administration is already planning offensive military operations -- and even, ironically, the use of nuclear bombs -- against Iran.

Please, this Mother’s Day, celebrate by asking Laura Bush to tell the President to get out of Iraq, and not to Invade Iran.

See you in the streets on Mother's Day, Allison, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae and Tiffany
I've already sent in my donation for a rose to be tied to the white house fence, in honor of the fallen. And now, here's my letter to Laura.
To Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States of America: We're all mothers. And they're all someone's baby. We can dress them up in trappings that make us comfortable calling them "enemy", but somewhere, they have a mother that will grieve horribly when they're gone. Please, please, please, ask your husband to stop this madness. Plenty of Presidents have gained notoriety by going to war. None has ever gained the adoration of his people by having the courage to stop. Let George be the first.
Here's where you can send your letter: http://www.workingforchange.com/activism/action.cfm?itemid=20734 Go do it. Now. Before someone else's baby dies.


At 5/12/2006 03:03:00 PM, Blogger September said...

Done. I couldn't buy a rose, because it's too late, but I could send an email and I sincerely thank you for posting this so that I could make my voice heard as the Mom of a precious son.


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