23 November 2005

Teething, Family, and Photography

On Nov. 19th, his Grandma's birthday, Kestrel cut his first tooth, bottom left front. And thankfully, the drama seems to be cooling...less drool, less pain. My happy baby is returning! Now, just a whole mouthful left, aiya!
We spent our whole weekend with family; cousin Nathan turned 1, and Uncle Scott held Kes pretty much through the whole party. Rowan played his little heart out with all the other cousins; Tyler, Ryan, Brighton. We left when the effects of too much cake began to show themselves in outbursts of toddlerish enthusiasm. =) Sunday was Scott and Noreen's wedding reception. We're thrilled for them; we're more thrilled for Ryan, though. And it was nice to have an afternoon in the sunshine, with good food and good people. I'd have photos for y'all, except Rowan broke the camera. I see this as A Good Thing, though. Lately, he's been fascinated by taking pictures, and not just the taking, but the assessing and selecting of them afterwards. Quite the little photographer. So we haven't been restricting his access to it at all, but are letting him just explore this creative burst. Unfortunately, if you turn the thing on and off too many times, the motor that controls the aperture fries out. We're getting it fixed.


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