09 November 2005

Cause it's easier than a webpage...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! At the request of fans and grandmothers alike, welcome to ElementalMom. It's me, it's our adventures as a family, it's easier than a webpage or a baby book. I'm hoping the boys will appreciate it when they're old enough to read, and even more, when they get to the parenting gig themselves. So we're starting when Rowan's three, Kestrel's five months, and Jason and I are sleep-deprived. Why, oh why, does no one tell you that teething changes the universe forever?


At 11/09/2005 09:17:00 PM, Anonymous Angela said...

Cause they don't want to frighten the crap out of prospective parents. LOL

Like the blog. Yay!


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