29 August 2006


Last Thursday, we went, as we always do, to the Farmer's Market. In addition to doing our weekly veggie shopping, we usually spend time at the bounce house and the climbing wall. Rowan digs them both. This week there was a new guy running the bounce house. Trying to talk up the kids. Rowan was wearing a shirt we bought him, that has a cartoon picture of a crab, and the word "crabby" under it. It's a joke for his birthsign. The guy asked Rowan "are you crabby today?" Rowan looked at him and said, "I'm not crabby.... I'm lobstey!" The guy didn't get it. I had to explain it to him. My four-year old had just made a joke that took into account english grammar rules, biology, and social status, and a grown adult had to have it explained. Ha! Amazing, the depth of understanding a child can pick up just by listening.


At 8/31/2006 04:14:00 PM, Blogger SFWriter13 said...

Kids are truly amazing, aren't they? It's astonishing what they can come up with when their minds let loose.


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