19 August 2006

Learning Experiences

There's been a lot going on with me lately, thus the paucity of blog entries. I could bore you all with my journey, or I could cut to the chase. Friends, I have finally figured out that there are only 24 hours in a day, and that I must sleep in some of them. Go on, I can hear you laughing from here. I think my problem is that I find nearly everything fascinating. And so when cool amazing things cross my path, I tend to jump on them. Revel in them. Celebrate them. And bond with them. And I forget that with all that ebullience, you still gotta sleep and eat and do the laundry. I've taken the day off to refocus, having plummeted rather harshly from a bout of the aforementioned ebullience. I overextended, and am now taking it deservedly on the nose. Learning Experience (tm), with a side of Humble Pie. Jason and I had a fabulous talk last night, as I was conducting an inventory of my wounds. He's a master at taking the most egregious of my self-pitying, and turning it into solid gold. I think I probably learned more about Seeing Myself in an hour last night that I've learned in quite some time. Some of it wasn't terribly flattering, but all of it was honest, and delivered through a lens of trust; the sugar coating on the pill. So I've now swallowed it down, and am digesting. And like any morning after a storm, the whole world looks cleaner and crisper and brighter. I'm still obligated to deal with the mess that I created, but I'm finding that I can face it with a degree of optimism, and even some humor. And you know, sometimes, that's absolutely the best that you can hope for.


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