01 January 2006

Slippery Slope of Diapering

Kestrel is seven months old. In the last five days, we've had precisely one accident. Things are going great. Things are also going great in the mobility department; he's crawling, he's pulling himself up to stand, he's just a motile creature. Needless to say, I cannot even hope to keep him on the small piddle pad in bed any more. And I just hate sleeping on the waterproofing-o-rama. I just hate it. Serendipitiously, the Mighty Inventor of "Cue Mariachis!", my pal Pilar, sent me seven of the most glorious AIOs I've ever laid eyes on, from Free Range Baby. (Conventional diaperers are gonna laugh at me now, I can hear it) I get this brainflash, that hey, since Kes is signalling 100% these days, and we're totally in the groove, I can slap an AIO on him for nighttimes, and not have to constantly wrestle with the whole bedproofing scheme. (The topic of why, if he's signalling so perfectly, I'm still such a whacko about having him sleep on waterproofing is a topic of a whole other email, if not some minor psychoanalysis. But anyway....) And this, I realize, is where the slippery slope started. It's so much easier to strap the waterproofing to the baby! Course, because I am a hardcore ECer, the very thought that he might actually pee in those gorgeous AIOs is abhorrent and just a little nauseating. So far, he hasn't. We're both sleeping better now that we don't have to wrestle him back onto the pad after each nurse, potty, and squirm session. But finally, I can see how you'd start getting lazy. Thankfully, I don't have that temptation, since Kes is one of the loudest signallers I've ever met. And of course, at 7 months, he's a mere two months shy of the expected (Chinese) graduation, and I'm keeping that firmly in mind, because well I know that if we blow that deadline, I will get remonstration with my egg rolls from Annie, my native EC coach.


At 1/09/2006 12:02:00 AM, Anonymous Deb said...

OK, so I am behind. Wow this is an adorable child, holy smokes, look at that face!!
This whole "ec" thing has me feeling very old and behind the times. I just don't get it, I missed the whole revolution and I feel out of the loop b/c of it, like "turn down that damn music, what ARE these kids listening to these days???"


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